Kim Cattrall on Her SKIMS Collaboration and Empowering Women

Kim Cattrall on Her SKIMS Collaboration and Empowering Women
Kim Cattrall on Her SKIMS Collaboration and Empowering Women

Kim Cattrall, the famous actress from “Sex and the City,” recently shared insights about her involvement in a SKIMS campaign and her experience working with reality superstar Kim Kardashian. At 67 years old, she’s embracing her new role and the self-styled looks that come with it.

Kim Cattrall on SKIMS Collaboration and Paris Fashion Week

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim Cattrall discussed her time at Paris Fashion Week, her engagement with the SKIMS brand, and her interaction with Kim Kardashian.

Cattrall admitted that she wasn’t initially familiar with SKIMS before being approached for the collaboration. She revealed, “I came a little late to SKIMS. I had heard about it a lot, mostly from my girlfriends and my team. I was wearing other sculpting garments under my wardrobe, and they would lose their support so quickly.”

However, her perception changed when she tried SKIMS for herself. “When they asked me to do the campaign, I just thought, wow, this is one of those moments when it just feels right because the product was right, the timing was right,” Cattrall explained. She appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of the campaign, where all the people involved were women.

In the campaign, Cattrall was given the freedom to choose what she wanted to wear. She opted for a black mid-thigh bodysuit, which she found incredibly comfortable. She also selected a black long-sleeved dress that she loved. These SKIMS pieces have already become staples in her wardrobe.

Regarding her relationship with Kim Kardashian, SKIMS’ CEO and Founder, Cattrall clarified that they haven’t actually met. She expressed admiration for Kardashian’s accomplishments, saying, “But she’s done something really terrific for women.” Cattrall emphasized that SKIMS is accessible and not elitist, making it an empowering brand for all women.


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Kim Cattrall’s involvement with SKIMS underscores the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, and her positive experience reflects the brand’s dedication to creating comfortable and supportive shapewear for women.

For the stunning October campaign, Cattrall was joined by Lana CondorNelly Furtado, and more.