Britney Spears’ memoir comes at a bad time for Justin Timberlake: Insider

After Britney Spears dropped the bombshell news of her teen abortion, an insider revealed why it’s going to be a difficult journey ahead for ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

The pop singer revealed in her upcoming memoir’s excerpt The Woman In Me that she got pregnant with Justin’s child when she was 19, but decided to have an abortion as he “wasn’t ready” to become a father.

A source told US Sun that the revelation comes at a bad time for the Cry Me a River crooner as he was planning to make a musical comeback this fall.

Moreover, they revealed that Justin is reportedly working with his old friends in NSYNC.

The insider said that Britney’s book is a “nightmare” for Justin, “The timing stings just as much as the revelation itself.”

In conversation with The Mirror, a PR expert named Andy Barr also said that the news “comes as a blow” for Justin because he chooses to stay “notoriously quiet” about his private life.

“It’s unlikely that fans will let him get away with just saying nothing,” he concluded.