Britney Spears’ Unending Bond with Justin Timberlake: Inside Her Untold Obsession Revealed in New Memoir

Britney Spears reportedly reached out to Justin Timberlake even though she was dating Sam Asghari at the time and the singer-actor was married to Jessica Biel.

Discussing how Spears’ bombshell memoir The Woman In Me, set to be released on Oct 24, is centered around Timberlake, an insider said the Toxic hitmaker never really moved on from him.

Spears caused a stir after People Magazine got their hands on an excerpt from her book in which she revealed that Timberlake urged her to get an abortion after she got pregnant while dating him.

Speaking of their whirlwind romance, an insider told The Sun that Spears “always” wanted a family with Timberlake while noting her “real obsession” with the singer.

“She’d privately admitted to people that he was her true first love and, in so many ways, she’s never gotten over losing him,” the insider revealed.

“Out of all the guys who came into her world after they broke up, no one’s ever come close to holding a candle towards Justin – that’s just a plain fact as far as their mutual friends are concerned, whether she owns up to that or not,” they added.

The source continued: “It’s also well known that Britney tried to reach out to Justin even after he was married to Jessica, during the time she was under the conservatorship and even after Sam came into the picture.”

“But apparently this didn’t sit comfortably with Justin, in part because he wanted to move on but also because he wouldn’t disrespect Jessica by building a close bond back up with a serious ex.

“So Britney had to back off and accept he’d fully moved on.”