Inside Britney Spears’ Memoir: The Abortion Revelation That Might Shake Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s World

Inside Britney Spears' Memoir: The Abortion Revelation That Might Shake Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's World

Britney Spears’ forthcoming bombshell memoir The Women In Me could prove lethal for her former lover Justin Timberlake and his happy family.

As reported by People Magazine, an excerpt from Spears’ book reveal she had an abortion while she was dating Timberlake as he was not ready for a baby.

This revelation could “throw” Timberlake’s family especially his wife, Jessica Biel, in “chaos,” an insider told The Sun while sharing that it is not clear if she knew about it before or not.

“Justin owns who he was when he and Britney were together, even though his personality, career, lifestyle, and personal priorities are radically different now, 20 years later,” the source said.

“This book is a nightmare for him because of how it throws the whole family into chaos. The timing stings just as much as the revelation itself,” the insider added.

The source explained: “I have no idea if the abortion was something he ever told Jessica about because Justin’s relationship with Britney is not something he discusses with his friends.”

“He’s not in denial about it, but to him, this was a million years ago,” the insider said, “I don’t think Justin’s going to publicly dispute any of Britney’s claims, just because that isn’t his style.”

“But he might be forced to by circumstance,” the tipster shared. “Justin had closed this chapter in his life and now Britney is putting it in front of everybody again.”

The source commented that if Timberlake and Biel “really stick together,” then they can get through this while noting that he has no intention to begrudge Spears for her memoir.