Inside Travis Kelce’s Protective Instincts: The Man Behind Taylor Swift

Inside Travis Kelce's Protective Instincts: The Man Behind Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce finally sits down for a candid chat and sheds some light into what it feels like to be viewed as a security guard to Taylor Swift.

The podcaster broke everything down in one of his interviews with Jason, a Philadelphia Eagles center.

According to The Daily Mail, the duo recently touched upon the public image that’s following Travis.

It began once Jason asked him, “Do you feel like a security guard when you’re with Taylor?”

Travis immediately jumped to offer a reaction and defended his actions by saying that its something he feels is a point of pride.

he began everything by saying, “I feel like when I’m on a date I feel the sense of: ‘I’m a man in this situation; I’m protective.’”

So “yeah for sure,” because you “always kind of have that feeling or that self-awareness I guess.”

For those unversed, Travis was recently papped alongside Taylor, while heading in for an episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.