Jeremy Renner’s Struggle: Accuses ‘Dahmer’s Director of Affecting His Sex Life

Jeremy Renner, who started his acting career with TV, was shot to fame after portraying the superhero Hawkeye’s character under the Marvel Cinematic Universe in different Avenger movies. However, Dahmer, where he played a serial killer’s role, is one of his most appreciated movies. Directed by David Jacobson, the movie was based on the real-life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s story.

It was released back in 2002 and marked Jeremy’s one of the most major projects. But did you know that the process of getting under the skin of the character left the actor devastated and anxious for a very long time? Yes, that’s right. Scroll ahead to read the scoop!

Portraying a serial killer in Dahmer took a toll on Jeremy Renner. He used to feel anxious in public places, and once the director David Jacobson declared in an interview with the Guardian that “He accused me of ruining his s*x life!” Jeremy further mentioned, “It really screwed me up. I couldn’t go to a bar alone without experiencing anxiety.”

Not just Jeremy, when Evan Peters was featured in the recent Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, he recalled how he had lost “appetite” during the shoot and revealed he would be taking a break from doing any dark characters for a time.

Even though Dahmer left quite a scar on Jeremy Renner, in another interview with Vanity Fair, he had called the film valuable and mentioned, “That movie has a lot of value to me in my life.” He further added, “I got cast that day, and then three days later we started shooting. And then, fourteen days after that moment we were done shooting.” Well, the Hawkeye actor’s journey has been rough while filming Dahmer, but it was one of his most critically acclaimed movies.

Have you watched the film? Let us know your thoughts regarding Jeremy Renner’s accusations against his director, David Jacobson, haha!

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