Steve Harvey’s Bodyguard Scandal: Unveiling the Accused in a Picture!

Steve Harvey's Bodyguard Scandal: Unveiling the Accused in a Picture!

Steve Harvey, his wife Marjorie Elaine and the former’s bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman have been in the headlines constantly for the last few months after it was rumoured that Marjorie had an affair with Steve’s bodyguard. Steve has remained silent on the controversy, which left the Internet stunned. However, in his earlier interviews, he always maintained how Marjorie proved to be a rock-solid pillar for him. While a lot is known about Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, do you know how the actor’s bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman, looks like. Scroll down to check the pictures.

Steve Harvey’s bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman remains active on Facebook with the user name Big Boom. He frequently posts motivational stories along with pictures of him with his close friends.

William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman was largely unknown until the controversial news of Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Harvey affair with Big Boom came into limelight. According to Breezy Scroll, the big man is more than just a bodyguard to Steve. The Texas-based individual has been serving the comedian for more than two decades. Apart from his work, he introduces himself as, “a celebrated relationship speaker, author, and celebrity bodyguard.” He also runs a website called IamBigBoom. If reports are to be believed, Big Boom also serves as Steve’s personal chef and is also a radio personality. It was also reported that it was Big Boom who convinced Steve Harvey to marry Marjorie, calling her an appropriate lady for him.

Here’s how Steve Harvey’s bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman, looks like:

Steve Harvey’s bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman, as per his Facebook profile, is also an author who has penned a book titled ‘If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs’ and ‘Love Yourself First’.

According to reports, before being hired by Steve Harvey, Big Boom was a p*mp who boasted about his past and abused women. His website once stated that he “preyed on women to gain a sense of power and self.”

If this was not enough, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Lee in her lawsuit claimed that Big Boom continues to conduct Steve’s dirty deeds. She also claimed that Big Boom compelled Steve’s son Wynton to drop out of college in Florida and return to Chicago in 2015.

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