Katy Perry signals greenlight to Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance after viral photos

Katy Perry

In the world of celebrities, love stories often come with their fair share of intrigue and speculation, and the budding romance between pop sensation Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce is no exception.

As the duo continues to make headlines with their newfound affection, another pop icon, Katy Perry, has stepped into the spotlight, sharing her thoughts on the blossoming relationship.

Taylor Swift, 33, and Travis Kelce, 34, have been at the center of recent tabloid buzz, with paparazzi capturing the pair hand-in-hand during a rendezvous in New York City. The duo’s relationship escalated further when they both made cameo appearances on Saturday Night Live, followed by their stylish exit to an after-party.

Vogue magazine couldn’t help but fan the flames of excitement. In a recent post, the publication teased the couple’s night out on Instagram.


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Responding to Vogue’s post, Katy Perry wrote a cryptic but telling remark, “I ship.” In the world of internet lingo, “shipping” refers to expressing approval and support for a romantic relationship between two individuals.

Katy’s unexpected comment sent ripples through social media, with fans of the pop icons voicing their approval and astonishment at her supportive stance.

One Twitter (now X) user expressed, “It’s nice to see a positive response!” Another fan commented, “She’s so real for that,” highlighting the authenticity of Katy’s gesture.

A third admirer added, “She’s just like us,” underlining the sense of camaraderie that comes with witnessing an artist openly embrace the happiness of others.

It is worth noting that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were previously rumored to have been embroiled in a long-standing feud, which had been widely publicized. However, the two iconic singers have since mended fences and rekindled a friendship, marking a heartwarming journey from enmity to unity.