Madonna’s mini-me, Estere, steals the spotlight during epic Celebration Tour: Watch

Celebration Tour

Madonna’s highly-anticipated Celebration Tour kicked off with a bang at the O2 Arena in London, marking the start of a 78-show extravaganza spanning 15 countries.

During this remarkable show, Madonna had a surprise in store for her devoted audience, bringing her children Lourdes, Mercy, and Estere to join her on stage.

Mercy played a haunting instrumental rendition of her mom’s iconic hit, “Bad Girl,” on a grand piano, while Lourdes showcased her impressive dance moves.

Yet, it was Estere who truly stole the spotlight. The tour took an unexpected turn on Sunday night when her 11-year-old, dazzled fans with her show-stopping performance.

Estere displayed a natural talent for performing as she vogued to her mother’s iconic track, captivating fans with her incredible stage presence. Donning a vibrant yellow outfit and black boots, she emulated Madonna’s memorable dance moves.

However, due to the venue’s curfew, Madonna was forced to cut the show short for the second time, missing out on four scheduled songs.

Despite the unexpected interruptions, Madonna’s Celebration Tour continues to dazzle audiences, proving that she and her talented family are still the reigning champions of the music industry.