Kate Middleton’s parents land in trouble

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s name rarely appears in the media when she is not involved in royal activities. The Princess of Wales was mentioned in several news articles recently in connection to her parent’s business which collapsed due to multiple reasons.

A report in the British media on Monday said Prince William’s in-laws have been targeted in a malicious poster campaign.

“Messages were posted on lampposts and trees around the couple’s home village of Bucklebury in Berkshire, where they have lived for several decades,” said a report in Daily Mail.

It said James Middleton, the younger brother of Kate Middleton, was enraged by the posters and was reportedly seen tearing them down.

The report said the creditors have been calling on the couple to pay the outstanding sums out of their own pockets.

During the pandemic, restrictions on social gatherings led to Party Pieces experiencing a massive drop in revenue – going from £4.5 million to £3.2 million in 2022 – which led to the company taking out the loan.

The company’s fortunes failed to turn around after the pandemic and the Middletons were forced to sell the party business to British entrepreneur James Sinclair for just £180000.

According to the local media, Party Pieces wasn’t the only business that helped fill Middleton’s coffers.

The family reportedly had enough money before they started the company to support Kate Middleton and her siblings who went to attend the prestigious Marlborough College, where boarding fees for a single year cost more than £32,000.