Liam Payne Faces Driving Penalty After Speeding Incident in West London

Liam Payne

After being pulled over for speeding in West London in February, Liam Payne was given a six-month driving penalty as a result of the incident. An automated speed camera captured the celebrity driver doing 43 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone as he was operating his $35,000 Ford Ranger.

After committing many traffic violations, the member of One Direction was issued a fine of £293 and had his driver’s license revoked. The musician said in the court filings that he submitted that “I apologize for speeding and explain that I was unaware of the speed limit.”

He said in his response to the court’s request for information about his income, “I am self-employed and cannot provide the information at this stage.”

“However, I will pay any fine that is imposed within 14 days,” he continued.

The vocalist for the band Night Changes is a huge fan of sports cars and has a large collection of expensive vehicles, some of which include a Cadillac Escalade and a Lamborghini Aventador.

This comes after Payne, 30, had a health scare a month ago when he was diagnosed with a dangerous kidney illness when he was on vacation with his girlfriend Kate Cassidy in Italy. The infection occurred while Payne and Cassidy were in Italy.

He was supposed to start his tour of South America in Lima, Peru, on the first of September, but he decided to cancel it. Payne shared with his audience that his physicians had advised him to rest and heal, but he did not believe that it would be feasible for him to do so while on tour.