Prince William slammed for skipping event in ‘his own country’

Prince William

Prince William drew criticism for posting a message on social media ahead of BAFTA Cymru Award ceremony, which is the Welsh branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and was founded in 1987.

“Good luck to all the nominees at the 2023 BAFTACymru Awards tonight!” wrote the Prince of Wales.

The future king was criticized for skipping the event which takes in his own country just a couple of days after traveling to France for the Rugby World Cup.

It is pertinent to mention here that The Prince of Wales to the Stade de Marseille to support Wales in the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals as the team faced Argentina.

William became the Prince of Wales after his father Chares’ ascension to the British throne following the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth last year.

Prince of Wales is a title traditionally given to the male heir apparent to the English and, later, British thrones.

The title originated with the Welsh rulers of Gwynedd who, from the late 12th century asserted their supremacy over the other Welsh rulers.

A month after he was given the title, an online petition calling for an end to the royal title “Prince of Wales” was signed by thousands of people after King Charles passed on the title to his son.

The petition was launched by Trystan Gruffyd from Pontypridd, Wales with the title of “End ‘Prince of Wales’ title out of respect for Wales”, on,

The petition was listed immediately after he was given the title, which Charles held since 1958.