Meera’s Mother’s Mindblowing Statement On Her Scandals

Meera Jee started her career at a very young age and she worked in over 150 films. Meera’s Mother’s has worked in pakistani films, television as well as in Bollywood.She has performed live and one thing hat has always kept her fresh in the minds of the audience are various scandals and controversise that she has been a part of in her career.

From video leaks to English language bullying and most of all Nikkahs that may have happened or not, Meera has been a part of controversies and breaking news all her life. She responds sometimes and lets things go the other times but Meera is still a star and she is still relevant. Her mother has been an integral part in her career and she has been with her through all of it.

Meera's Mother's Mindblowing Statement On Her Scandals

In a recent interview with Shajia Niazi, Meera Jee’s mother gave her point of view on all the controversies in her daughter’s life. She said that she does not care much about all these scandals that keep coming up about her daughter. She also gave her own mindblowing philosophy.

Meera's Mother's Mindblowing Statement On Her Scandals

She said that she believes in all publicity is good publicity i.e. “badnam honge to kya naam na hoga” as far as her daughter’s scandals are concerned. This is what she said: