Telangana Elections & WC, A Threat For Nov Releases?

Telangana Elections & WC

With the Election Council Telangana Elections & WC of India declaring the date of elections in the state of Telangana, some Telugu films have quickly announced their changed release dates. As the election date is set for November 30th, surely some Telugu films are rushing to the first three weeks of the month to make the most at the box office.

Some producers have officially announced the date of their movies while some have confirmed it with distributors though the official posters are not released regarding these November releases. However, a couple of Tier-2 heroes that feature in these released films are said to be not happy with the move. They are of the opinion that the whole of Telangana will be immersed in election campaigns, poll-publicity videos that go viral and other local stuff but won’t be interested in seeing films in theatres.

At the same time, some trade folks are also worried that the ongoing Cricket World Cup that is being hosted by India is likely to create disturbances as group matches are likely to go on until November 12th, while the final takes place on the 19th. That might affect the prospects of a few films they feel. Telangana Elections & WC.

Well, but then, if a film has intriguing content surely it will overcome all the hurdles easily.