Meghan Markle is neither a ‘hustler, actress’ or British

Meghan Markle is neither a ‘hustler, actress’ or British

A fellow socialite has just shed some light into the real reason Meghan Markle is regarded as the Princess of the United Kingdom, despite not being a British Citizen.

The topic was brought forward to Lady Collin Campbell, and she touched upon it in her YouTube video.

The conversation arose once a question popped up wondering, I am curious. Why does Meghan have a British aristocratic title and call herself Princess of the United Kingdom when she has no British citizenship?”

To this the socialite claimed, “Well, she is a princess of the United Kingdom. By virtue of being married to a prince of the United Kingdom.”

“That is her rank” and on the flip side “her title is Duchess of Sussex.”

In the middle of the converastion she also referenced the potential reason behind the question and recalled, “I think you are harkening back, whether intentionally or otherwise, to Archie’s [Meghan and Prince Harry’s firstborn son} birth certificate. The birth certificate says ‘rank or profession’.”

Officially “Her rank is Princess of the United Kingdom, and that is customary of how royal birth certificates are done. On the certificate, the parents’ ranks are put in.”

Before concluding she also added, “So instead of ‘actress’ or ‘hustler,’ it says Princess of the United Kingdom. That does not indicate she is a British citizen, which she is not.”