Taylor Swift fans turn cinemas into Eras Tour concerts

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film, showcasing over 40 hit songs from Taylor Swift’s concert, stirred up a lively debate among fans regarding cinema etiquette.

Thousands of Swifties across the UK flocked to cinemas in their sparkly outfits and cowboy hats to celebrate the highly anticipated Eras Tour film during its opening weekend.

Cinema chains like Oden, Cineworld, and Showcase Cinemas had released specific guidelines before the film’s premiere, outlining what was acceptable and what wasn’t for the audience.

While singing and dancing were encouraged, standing or dancing on seats, throwing glitter or confetti, and recording the screen were explicitly prohibited by these rules.

In a bustling cinema in London, fans didn’t hold back, creating a gigantic mosh pit under the screen while belting out beloved tunes like Style and You Belong with Me. Others waved glowsticks and held up their iPhone torches, emulating the concert experience with fervor.

One enthusiastic fan captured the moment on TikTok, gushing, “No better crowd to watch a movie with than Swifties.” Meanwhile, another marveled at the London crowd’s enthusiasm, proclaiming, “London is going crazy.”

However, not all attendees shared the same sentiment. One fan expressed her frustration, saying, “I actually wanna hear the movie though, not everyone else.” Another critic chimed in, “They are ridiculous. Acting like a movie is a live concert.”

On the flip side, many fans defended the spirited atmosphere, emphasizing that Taylor Swift herself had encouraged fans to treat the film like a concert.

“The movie is basically a concert. Taylor Swift herself wants you to treat it like if it was a concert! You can sing and dance all you want!” one fan exclaimed.

Another empathized, saying, “The people who are complaining actually got to go to the Eras Tour concert too. Like some of us don’t have the money, so let us enjoy ourselves.”

In the end, the “Eras Tour” film, with its runtime of just under three hours, became a massive success, making millions worldwide and even becoming the highest-grossing movie in UK cinemas last weekend.