Millie Bobby Brown credits fiancé Jake for helping her find her voice

Millie Bobby Brown credits fiancé Jake for helping her find her voice

Millie Bobby Brown, the 19-year-old actress who skyrocketed to fame with her role in the hit series Stranger Things, has opened up about the painful experiences of her childhood that made her hesitant to speak out in public.

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, she candidly shared her journey from being labeled “an idiot,” “stupid,” and “a brat” by cruel adults to becoming a confident and outspoken young woman, thanks in large part to her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi.

Reflecting on the cruel taunts she endured at such a young age, Millie revealed, “I was just penalized for overtalking and oversharing and being too loud.” The negative comments she received from some adults deeply affected her, to the point where she “didn’t ever want to talk again” for fear of being trolled.

However, Millie’s life took a significant turn when she met Jake Bongiovi. She expressed that Jake embraced and encouraged her to be herself, which allowed her to regain her confidence and ultimately fall in love with herself.

Millie and Jake’s love story has been one of support, acceptance, and personal growth. She described her fiancé, the son of legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi, as “a really big, huge part of me loving myself and becoming a woman. It was like, ‘Wow, I really love this person because he allows me to love myself.'”

The couple announced their engagement in April after two years of dating, sharing the joyful news with an Instagram post that showcased Millie’s sparkling engagement ring.