Netflix’s most bone-chilling horror show right now: Read here

Netflix’s most bone-chilling horror show right now: Read here

Netflix has multiple soul-shrieking horror shows in the library, The Haunting of Hill House and The Watcher, for example.

However, these will pale in comparison with the latest horror show right on the streamer: The Fall of the House of Usher.

Helmed by Mike Flanagan, the series revolves around a corrupt pharmaceutical company’s CEO named Roderick Usher. He is at the top of the food chain, but his past is tainted with dark secrets that have come home to haunt him.

Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story in 1839, the show’s dark, grisly twist has put the fans and critics on edge.

Writing for The Verge, Andrew Webster said, “The mystery, which seems so obvious early on, becomes more complicated and even darker than I first imagined.” While Andrew Parker of The Gate branded the series “deliciously gory and ghoulish.”

Maria Lattila in Film Stories penned, “It’s macabre, seductive, and completely addictive.” While We Got This Covered’s Scott Campbell said it’s “dripping in atmosphere, shivers, and subtext.”

Meanwhile fans on the social media are alerting faint hearts to avoid the show. Following comments are assorted by the Daily Star.

“Based on previous series I’m just not gonna watch the fall of the house of usher and I advise you all to do the same unless you want sleepless nights!!”. One user commented.

Another added, “I’m late to the Fall of the House of Usher hype, but I promise this show is a sick and gory romp that gets right to the chase. Mind-blowing deaths, lying, cheating, grossly ********— all the goodies. Mike Flanagan took tricky source material and made it his own.”