Pawan Received 1500 Crs ? YCP Making it Viral

For the first time, the YCP has declared a final figure which Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had allegedly taken from the TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu to lend support to the latter. YCP MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar alleged that Pawan Kalyan took Rs 1400 cr package from Naidu.

Though the allegations are baseless, they have become viral and gained strength with Praja Santhi party president and evangelist KA Paul also alleging that Pawan Kalyan received Rs 1500 crore package from Naidu.

This seems to be a ploy by the ruling YCP to make Pawan himself reveal the figures, if at all he had taken any, said political analysts.

It could also be to malign the image of Pawan Kalyan in the public. He is claiming himself to be a committed servant for the public and also Mr Clean without any allegations of corruption. By finalizing a figure of the alleged package, the YCP could be aiming to make the public keep talking about it during their gossip, said political analysts.

Already, the YCP had tarnished the image of the TDP chief and the party scion. Now, if the Jana Sena chief is also tagged with some figure, it would help the YCP to lambasr the TDP-JSP alliance in total.
The YCP is fearing defeat in the hands of TDP-JSP alliance. By finalising the figure of the package, the YCP could be trying to drive a wedge between the JSP and TD cadre too, political observers added.

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