Selena Gomez’s Song: Hailey Baldwin Confirms Justin Bieber’s Heartbreak Message!

Justin Bieber broke Selena Gomez and a million fans’ hearts when he announced his wedding to Hailey Baldwin in 2018. It was only two months after his split from his long-time girlfriend, but several rumors claim that he may have regretted his decision on the day he was getting married. Scroll below for some unknown details!

Jelena, as their fans called them, had been dating on and off since 2010. Selena even wore a purity ring at 13 but removed it the year she fell in love with Justin. Fans were obsessed with their romance but things did not work out despite several chances and the duo decided to call it quits for once and all in 2018. Their massive fan base was in disbelief when Justin moved on, but as they say, destiny has its plans.

As per a report by celebrity gossip handle DeuxMoi on Instagram, Justin Bieber had left a series of texts to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez before his marriage. It was less than 24 hours when he sent “I love you” to the Lose You To Love Me singer, but she reportedly left his texts unanswered.

While there remains no absolute confirmation to the rumors, Selena Gomez fans feel she confirmed the gossip in her 2020 song ‘Ring.’ The lyrics read, “Yeah, I received your message. All 23. You know I’m Jordan with it… G.O.A.T. Obviously, I’m aware of that, I’m breaking hearts like a heart attack.”

It looks like Selena Gomez chose to let go, but this could be rumors altogether! But as they say, all’s well that ends well. Today, Justin Bieber is happily married to Hailey Baldwin. On the other hand, Sel is enjoying her single life with best pals like Nicola Peltz, Taylor Swift, and others.

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