Remembering Suzanne Somers: A Tribute to Her Courageous Battle Against Breast Cancer

Suzanne Somers, the actress who breathed her last on Sunday, is revealed to have denied chemotherapy against her protracted battle with breast cancer.

Somers, famously known for her role as Chrissy Snow in Three Companies, died on October 15, 2023, surrounded by her loved ones.

According to The Blast, the close friends and family of the actress tried to convince her to start getting chemotherapy throughout her decades-long battle with breast cancer, but Suzanne always refused.

The Daily Mail quoted a source revealing to the publication, “The actress went for a holistic approach rather than a conventional treatment despite getting advice from several of her friends and family.”

The source continued that Somers’ refusal might have been linked to the cancer’s severity at the time it was discovered, adding, “When she was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of summer, she did not have that long to really do anything other than accept it.”

Somers never regretted her decision to choose holistic treatment methods like bioidentical hormones and alternative medicine.

The Blast reports, “She believed that she lived a life beyond her wildest dreams and truly made a dent in the world.”

Somers died 23 years after she was first diagnosed with cancer. Her death came just a day before her 77th birthday, giving her a chance to say goodbye to her loved ones who were gathered for her birthday.