Royal Expert Daniela Elser Weighs in on Prince Harry’s Netflix Journey

Royal Expert Daniela Elser Weighs in on Prince Harry's Netflix Journey

Prince Harry’s luck with Netflix has just sparked a massive debate among experts.

These admissions have been issued by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything, in one of her pieces for

In this piece she referenced Prince Harry’s ongoing ordeal with Netflix.

In reference to it, she started by saying, “Born a prince, raised in the grandest homes imaginable, educated at the most prestigious boys’ school in the world, married to an absolute stunner, father of two and now the only titled owner of a hummingbird feeder in history – and yet still, all of that privilege and wealth and excellent dentistry and Netflix is still willing to screw him over.”

So “Join me now in uttering a couple of words that don’t crop up all that often around here: Poor Harry,” she also added before signing off from the converastion.

For those unversed, this has come shortly after Netflix released brand new pictures form behind the scenes of The Crown.

Season six of the series, will also be its last and will be made available in two parts, the first will release in November, whereas part 2 can be expected sometime around December.