King Charles III’s Heartwarming Bond with Queen Camilla’s Grandchildren: A Modern Fairy Tale Unfolds

King Charles III shares a loving relationship with Queen Camilla’s grandkids.

His Majesty has recently been lauded for showering the Queen’s son Tom Parker Bowles’, child, Lola, with presents on her birthday.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Lola’s mother Sarah revealed: “It said the King would like to know what Lola wants for her birthday. It felt medieval, like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. I thought, ‘I’m never going to get used to this’.”

She added: “It was definitely surreal that she’s now Queen. It makes things different. It’s going to be something hard for us to manage.

“It probably helps our kids are the age they are where they just don’t care. That’s refreshing and that irreverence helps you keep things in perspective.

Speaking about Queen Camilla herself, the expert said: “She’s a really good granny, very hands-on and she’s never been anything but nice to me. If Tom and I are arguing, it’s between us. The long-term relationship between her and her grandchildren is what’s important and that’s never changed.”