Saba Hamid On Her Father’s Role In Making Her Strong

Saba Hamid On Her Father’s Role In Making Her Strong

Saba Hamid is a veteran legend of our entertainment industry. Dramas, films or theatre, she has ruled it all and she is a great talent not just in acting but direction as well. Saba Hamid’s family is very talented including her sisters and children. She is also the daughter of columnist and journalist, Hameed Akhtar who has been the recipient of Pride of Performance for his works.

Saba is a very strong woman. She brought up her kids Faris Shafi and Meesha Shafi as a single mom and they both are strong talents in our industry now. She also excels at everything she does. Her drama Jaisay Aapki Marzi which she directed is striking a chord with people these days. Talking to Maliha Rehman she talked about the role of her father, Hameed Akhtar in making her the strong woman she is today.

Saba Hamid On Her Father's Role In Making Her Strong

She shared that her father was a real feminist though she does not know if that generation knew about the term. But her father always believed in equal rights. She was given the same confidence that her brother was given. Her father made her mom very independent and she would do things and never have to ask her husband for permission. Saba grew up thinking that both genders have the same rights but the world is different. But Saba has been strong throughout and did not change a bit.

Here is what she shared: