Saleem Mairaj’s Opinion On Non-Actors In The Industry

Saleem Mairaj is a wonderful talent. He is an underrated gem who never fails to impress everyone with the style of acting he has and how realistic he makes everything look. From a villain to a broken hearted man that he played in Alif, Saleem has shown versatility that fewer people have shown in their careers. He was a guest on Mazaq Raat and he shared his thoughts on non-trained actors entering the industry and their craft.

Many people have come to the screens now via popularity on social media. There are some who did great after getting a break through social media and polished their craft while others were not as impressive as people thought they would be. Saleem Mairaj's Opinion On Non-Actors In The Industry

Saleem Mairaj said that yes he understands the importance of social media in today’s age. People who become actors after getting viral can also be good but theatre trained actors are better. He also added that theater trained actors may not be able to create the content those viral actors can.

Here is what he thinks about people coming to television via social media: