Timothée Chalamet Reveals Tom Cruise’s Impactful Advice: Stunt Training and Career Growth!

Timothée Chalamet Reveals Tom Cruise's Impactful Advice: Stunt Training and Career Growth!

Timothée Chalamet recently shared the “inspiring” advice action star Tom Cruise gave him after the success of Dune.

As Timothée graced the cover of British GQ Magazine’s November issue, he shared that The Mission: Impossible star inspired him to learn stunts to further his career as an actor.

After the Wonka star had finished shooting Dune, Cruise sent him an email, urging him to train himself. He even added a list of stunt professionals he could train with, including motorcycle and helicopter coaches.

“After I met Tom Cruise, right after finishing the first Dune, he sent me the most wonderfully inspiring email,” he said of Cruise’s email.

“He basically said, in Old Hollywood, you would be getting dance training and fight training, and nobody is going to hold you to that standard today. So it’s up to you. The email was really like a war cry,” Timothée added.

Elsewhere in the interview, he revealed his love of Cruise’s Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. He admitted to watching the critically acclaimed movie eight times. The 27-year-old even rented out a cinema and took the whole cast and crew of the movie to watch Cruise’s masterpiece.

“I just thought it was one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen,” he said of the film.

Timothée Chalamet, who’s currently dating The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner, is set to appear as a young Willy Wonka in the upcoming prequel Wonka, which will bow in theaters in December.